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Are you going to implement an automated messaging system in your business, but are concerned about the expenses? Nowadays, chatbots have turned out to be more and more popular for businesses to enhance customer service, interact with clients and automate processes. However, usually a question of chatbot cost per day comes up and these factors must be understood properly.

In this article we will look at the separate elements constituting a chatbot cost per day so that one can understand how much it would cost them.

What is a Chatbot?

Before looking into the cost of having a bot, it’s important to first know what they are. A chat bot is a computer program used to simulate conversation with human users usually over the Internet. They use AI and NLP to understand and respond to user queries. Moreover, they can be integrated into various messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any company’s website.

Chatbots have become popular due to their ability to improve customer service by providing quick and efficient responses, increase engagement with customers as well as automate repetitive tasks. This means they can answer customer queries just like taking orders or giving product recommendations.

Factors Affecting Chatbot Cost Per Day

1. Chatbot Development

The development process is one of the contributing factors towards determining the daily costs incurred on a chatbot basis. Conceptualization, designing, developing and testing among others are some of the steps involved in building a chatbot. The cost of development depends on how complex the bots are built as well as which platforms they will be integrated into.

There are several chatbot development platforms available for small businesses that come with drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built templates for creating simple bots within limited budgets. Most platform providers charge monthly subscriptions from $10-$100/month.

However if you need advanced features and integrations for your bot you may want contact a developer who specializes in customizing these internet robots or get services from a firm known to make such programs. Development can cost between $3000 and $10000 depending on the complexity of the bot and experience of the developer.

2. Chatbot Hosting

After building a chatbot, it needs to be hosted on a server in order to be accessed by users. To make sure that the chatbot works properly and responds to user requests it must be hosted hence chatbot hosting is required. There are different types of hosting available including cloud-based hosting, self-hosting, third-party hosting.

Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform offer cloud-based hosting which is most preferred because it is scalable, secure and cheap. The price of cloud hosting varies from $5-$200/mo based on the traffic and use of your chatbots.

Self-hosting requires having a dedicated server which costs about $50-$1000 per month depending on specifications as well as complexity of a bot. On the other hand, third-party hosting where bots are hosted in platforms created for their development can cost between $10-$100 monthly.

3. Chatbot Maintenance and Updates

Just like any other software, chatbots need regular maintenance as well as updates for them to work properly providing smooth user experiences. These include bug fixing, performance improvements or integrating new features among others repairing any compatibility issues during updates.

The cost of maintenance and updates will depend on the intricacy of chatbot and how often it is updated. If you have a basic version, you can do maintenance activities and updates by yourself. However, for complex ones, a developer or chatbot maintenance service may be needed at an approximate cost range of $50 to $200 per month.

4.Chatbot Integration

One of the major benefits associated with chatbots is their ability to work with other platforms such as company websites, social media networks, and customer relations management software (CRM). However, the integration charges usually vary depending on the platform and complexity of the integration.

Several chatbot development platforms allow free integrations with popular platforms while others may charge monthly fees. You can hire a developer if you need bespoke integration which could cost about $500 to $1,000.

5.Chatbot Training and Support

Training and support are critical for optimal performance by chatbots. To improve interactions between AI/NLP-based chatbots and users training should always be ongoing. This process involves manual feedback or data fed into the bot using machine learning techniques.

The training and support cost are dependent upon the complexity of your bot as well as how frequent it goes through updates. While some developers provide training alongside subscriptions to their chatbot development platforms, others make an extra charge in order to offer these services. Customized bot training is priced anywhere between $500-$2,000.

Calculating Chatbot Cost Per Day

Given that we have covered several aspects that influence bots’ costs here let us calculate its price per day.
As highlighted before, there can be immense disparity in chatbots prices due to their complication levels along with features required albeit a simple one may go at between 15$-50$/day.

For instance if you used a chatbot development platform that has a monthly subscription fee worth 50 dollars plus cloud hosting service billable at 50 dollars per month then every day it would cost you $3.33. This figure does not take into account any other integrations, training or maintenance charges.

Final Thoughts

Today, chatbots have become an essential necessity for business growth and development goals such as customer service improvement, task automation as well as interaction with customers. However, the cost of a bot may determine whether your business will embrace it considering that some businesses are on tight budgets. By understanding various aspects of chatbot cost per day, you can make informed choices about the value associated with your choice for business needs. When calculating your chatbot’s price factors to consider include development, hosting, maintenance, integration and training. With the right chatbot in place, you will manage to improve customer experience and realize increased efficiency and productivity in the operations of your company.

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