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Hey guys! Have you gotten tired of having to wait for customer service representatives on a website, to answer your question? Well worry no more about waiting long, and start saying hello to chatbots: the latest technology that changes how businesses relate with their customers.

A computer program or software designed to mimic conversation with real persons via text messaging applications, websites, or mobile apps is called a chatbot. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in such a way that it can understand users’ questions and responses as if it could have been me or you.

In recent years, virtual assistants have become famous and are used by all types of businesses from start-ups to multinationals. Not only are these bots cost-effective but also efficient; they offer this unique service as well as seamless personalized experience of customers.

Want to see chatbots in action? Let’s take some snap shots of the best site chatbot examples that are taking over the world online.

1. Sephora Virtual Artist

The beauty retailer, Sephora has included a chatbot named “Virtual Artist” into its website and mobile app. This application helps clients in choosing make-up products which matches their skin complexion, face shape or style preference.

Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled try-on of various makeup products is what the chatbot does. They can take pictures of themselves using their camera’s phones so as to see how different products might look on them. The user case improved user experience while boosting sales for Sephora.

2. Domino’s Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Well what could be better than being able to order your favorite pizza at just the click of buttons? Domino’s Pizza has made this possible through their website and Facebook Messenger bot.

Clients just talk with the bot and will be guided through menu selection until the payment process happens. Moreover, this bot remembers past orders and automatically proposes them hence making ordering much quicker and convenient too.

3. 1-800-Flowers

The chatbot on the 1-800-Flowers website has made sending flowers to a loved one extremely easy. This bot permits clients to go through various floral arrangements, choose one they like, and make an order – all whilst on the chat window.

By utilizing natural language processing (NLP), users can type their requests in a conversational way with the bot. It also provides tracking of orders in real time thus making the whole process hustle-free.

4. Whole Foods

For people who are concerned about what they eat; there is a chatbot on Whole Foods’ website that does exactly that. It helps customers to look for meal ideas, recipes or even find nutritional information on particular products.

A customer may as well inquire from the bot which food complies with his or her dietary needs and personal preferences. The bot too lets its users create shopping lists and search for certain items hence making grocery shopping easy.

5. Amtrak Virtual Assistant

Are you planning to travel by train? Then visit Amtrak’s website where their virtual assistant can help you plan your trip, buy tickets and answer any questions you may have about your journey.

In addition, this virtual assist also provides live updates regarding train schedules as well as delays thereby ensuring customers’ hassle free trip arrangement experience. The response of this Amtrak’s virtual assistant is quick due to its user friendly interface which makes it convenient for use by many train travelers.

6. H&M’s Kik Chatbot

Chatbots have been embraced by many brands in an effort to revolutionize their customer support. For instance, H&M has developed a chatbot on Kik that takes customer service to a whole new level. It can allow customers to check out new arrivals, get style tips and even make purchases directly through the chat window.

The “Fashion Finder” is another feature of this chatbot. One can take a picture of the outfit that he or she likes and the bot would find something similar from the collection of H&M. This has increased not only customer engagement but also triggered sales for the company.

7. Starbucks Barista

All coffee lovers are happy because Starbucks has introduced a mobile app that acts as an assistant stall, called “Barista”. As such, it allows users to place their beverage orders via voice command and get billed using voice commands.

Once you say “Hey Barista! I want caramel macchiato!” then this purchasing agent will accept your request and tells you when it will be ready for pick up. It also helps someone recall what he/she bought previously saving time when making another order.

National Geographic’s Genius Chatbot

National Geographic has brought its famous magazine to life with the help of its Facebook Messenger chatbot. Users can peruse awe-inspiring photographs as well as videos, read interesting articles or just test themselves.

It also contains a “Genius” section where users can ask questions based on any subject matter thus getting information from National Geographic archive. This has resulted in increase of involvement rate and dissemination of more media material by this brand.

9. The Wall Street Journal’s What’s News Chatbot

This chatbot makes keeping up to date with news easier than ever since The Wall Street Journal released it on Facebook Messenger platform. The chatbot provides daily highlights about various topics based on user preferences.

A user may ask this bot concerning some topic related news; after which it provides relevant articles from the company’s site. This has not only enhanced user engagement but also increased website traffic of The Wall Street Journal.

10. Lyft’s Ride Request Chatbot

Lyft has launched a ride request chatbot on Facebook Messenger that allows users to order for a ride without having to leave their current page. Using this bot, customers may hire transport, see its position or compensate the service charges.

This chatbot also has a “Split Payment” option in which users can divide the cost among themselves directly via messenger. It has helped in improving user satisfaction while at the same time fostering loyalty among Lyft client base.

The presented examples are just some of many innovative and efficient chatbots available today. By using these conversation robots on their websites, businesses can ensure personalization and convenience for their online clients thus developing interest as well as sales.

So next time you’re visiting a webpage and there is a chat window appearing don’t be amazed because it’s only a friendly chatbot waiting to help you! Here’s to the future of customer service!

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