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In this age, it is difficult to escape the term artificial intelligence AI. AI is increasingly present in our daily lives through things like Siri and Alexa, virtual assistants, self-driving cars and predictive algorithms. Conversational AI is one of the most exciting and fast-growing uses of AI as it enables machines to communicate with people naturally like other humans. This article will dive into conversational AI and give an example of how this technology enhances our interactions with machines.

Before we go deep into what exactly conversational AI encompasses, let’s break it down. It means that a computer or machine can understand human speech or text like a person would when spoken to. Instead of merely following instructions given by programmers, it perceives the meaning behind human language with its context and produces human-like answers. This ability is achieved through natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms which enable continuous improvement of the AI responses based on user interactions.

Thus what does it look like in action? An illustrative example would be Mitsuku, a widely-used chatbot produced by a developer named Steve Worswick from Britain; it has won many prestigious awards for being able to hold conversations similar to a human being. The fact that millions of real life conversations have been fed into Mitsuku makes it more intelligent because it keeps learning all the time thus improving on its feedbacks. It is available across different messaging platforms from customer servicing to entertainment purposes.

Google duplex is another great example of conversationally enabled machines introduced in 2018.A duplex refers to an automated phone call app designed for making reservations or appointments among other tasks on behalf of its owner. What sets this apart from others are its pauses between words just like humans normally do during their conversations such as umm…well they’re uhmm you know those fillers which some people use when speaking right? People may find the interaction more familiarly human than mechanical as there are certain hesitations, disfluencies and variations in intonation. Therefore, it is hard to tell if the other side of the line is talking to a robot or a real person.

Additionally, conversational AI is being used by banking industry for providing improved customer services, such as Bank of America’s virtual assistant named Erica which enables customers to use voice or text commands in performing everyday banking tasks. One can also use Erica to do things like; checking balances, paying bills and even getting financial advice. It allows clients to talk with this bank easily, because they just speak or type as if they are addressing a human representative instead of navigating complex menus or filling forms.

Moreover, conversational AI is currently being utilized in patient care within health care industry. This could be exemplified by Buoy Health which is an AI symptom checker that enables users enter their symptoms and receive personal diagnosis plus treatment recommendation based on them. The interface through which one communicates using words seems more familiar and natural for users making it easier to express their symptoms without referring to medical terms always. Withouthaving toruntoa doctorfor every singlequestion patients couldget fast and accurate solutionsvia Buoy thus reducing the workload on healthcare providers who should use this as a triage tool too.

E-commerce is another industry that has benefited from conversational AI. Businesses are seeking ways to improve their customer experience as more and more clients turn to online shopping. One of the best applications of conversational AI is in this field. Using chatbots businesses can assist customers with whatever product information they need, give responses on preference based recommendations and even provide after-hours of services 24/7. Besides improving the customer experience, this approach also saves the businesses time and resources because it automates these duties.

Moreover, there is a fun aspect associated with conversational AI other than its practical implications. For instance, Replika is an artificial intelligence chatting robot which acts as a personal virtual friend to users. Anything can be discussed with Replika by users and it will respond with empathy or compassion. This kind of conversation-based AI not only entertains but also provides those who encounter problems in social interaction with a safe environment where they can practice their communication skills without fear of judgment.

To sum up, conversational AI represents an exciting field that is evolving quickly and could transform our relationship with machines in future. The applications for this technology are endless ranging from customer care, healthcare delivery systems entertainment industry, and even personalized assistance among others aspects (e.g.,). It should therefore not surprise us when we witness further remarkable instances of conversations involving machines as Artificial Intelligence improves human like interactions.

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