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Customer Solution

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Employees Solution

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Some Use Cases

Efficient Support

Our chat system connects you to a library of information and chat GPT.

Product Upsells

Leverage chat GPT to provide product recommendations and increase sales.

Instant Information

Access a wealth of information instantly with our chat system and library integration.

Effortless Support

Provide seamless customer support experiences with our chat system and AI capabilities.

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A Revolutionary Chat System for Seamless Customer Support and Upselling

Our chat system seamlessly integrates with a library of information, allowing you to provide exceptional customer support and unlock valuable insights.


Get instant access to a wealth of information, enabling quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries.


Leverage the power of chat GPT to identify upselling opportunities and maximize your sales potential.

What is Chat Whisperer?

Chat Whisperer is a sophisticated chat creator that relies on artificial intelligence to learn from customized data. This allows users to design exceptional and highly tailored chatting experiences. Businesses can deliver specific customer service, teachers can create interactive learning bots, and individuals may use the platform to entertain themselves through building personal chatbots.

How does Chat Whisperer train on custom data?

For the purpose of custom data training, Chat Whisperer uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Such materials may comprise text conversations, FAQs, documents or any other text-based content that will be relevant for chatbot’s knowledge base chosen by the user. In this case, Chat Whisperer is capable of understanding patterns, styles and information within it and generate responses which are context-driven in relation to certain patterns existing in it as a dataset. Consequently, using Chat whisperer will certify that the chat bot responds to inquiries with respect to their unique properties and necessities of one’s data.

Is it difficult to set up a chatbot with Chat Whisperer?

Chat whisperers setup has been made easy and simple for end users who do not have technical knowhow of creating a bot from scratch. The system guides you through steps such as uploading custom data, defining personality of your chat bot and setting response mechanisms among others . You can test your live-chatting robot at any time making necessary adjustments so as it can meet your needs adequately. Also included are comprehensive documentation and support services for addressing all possible queries or issues that might be encountered in the process.

Can Chat Whisperer create chatbots in multiple languages?

Yeah! With multiple languages everything becomes simple with regard to creating Chabot’s by this software. Other than English there are several other languages that AI algorithms which run on this platform can train by simply having datasets in them thus helping developers come up with these programs that could be able to connect with people based on their language. This makes Chat Whisperer an ideal platform for global companies and multilingual societies that may want to offer inclusive and accessible chatting experiences.

How does Chat Whisperer ensure the privacy and security of custom data?

Chat Whisperer is very strict when it comes to the privacy and security of its users’ data. For this reason, the platform has put in place strong security measures such as data encryption and secure storage of information so as to protect the user’s information appropriately. The uploaded custom data on Chat whisperer are treated with maximum confidentiality thus not being shared with other external organizations at all. Furthermore, users have control over their own datasets which can be deleted from the system at any time they wish hence ensuring protection of proprietary information.